A summer day

It is a beautiful day. A normal day in Dublin, to be more specific, Thursday. The sun shines in the blue sky and we have 20 awesome degrees (celsius). In the supermarkets you will see long queues of workers that want a take away and enjoy the day. Everybody lunch outside, sitting in banks, parks, or restaurants. more “A summer day”

A Rugby day

Rugby is very important for Irish people. If you can go to a match, don’t doubt it and go. You will learn a lot about people, and you will also share happiness, culture and sportsmanship. more “A Rugby day”

Riding a bike.

Well, now that you know how to hire a bike (Dublin bike), it is time to ride with caution. Here you have some useful advice to be safe at the road.

1º They are left drivers. You have to go to the same direction. At the crossing points, you may see some signals telling you where to look. more “Riding a bike.”

A relaxing day.

Only twenty minutes from Dublin, taking the train (here Dart) we will be in the little town of Bray. Where we can find a beautiful beach full of little stones. It’s perfect for a relax day, lying on the floor or playing along the beach. Those who love the mountain will find one very close, with wonderful routes to other towns.

more “A relaxing day.”

Are you ready?

We are ready to start this wonderful adventure. Would you join me?

Dublin from the Samuel Beckett Brigde