The wind

The wind is a phenomenon very common in Dublin (my poor plants in the balcony can tell you). Even we can see something like that:

wall down

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Irish Rugby Village

Irish Rugby Village was a space when you could see the rugby matches of Ireland in the world cup. The place was the same as the Oktoberfest, George’s Dock.

Ireland fought until the end with all their strength. They won to Canada, a Romania, Italy and France (the bet was against Ireland but the green team won because they played with attitude). The fans were there support the team singing all the matches. more “Irish Rugby Village”


With this title perhaps you will imagine that I gonna talk about robots, more or less, you will discover why I say that.

In Dublin the new streetlights seem like… robots. That’s why I use this title. more “Robots”

After the storm

When it is raining we don’t want go out. We think that it’s a horrible and ugly day.

In Dublin we don’t stop our life for the rain. Because if not we don’t go out never! So you have to have one thing in mind, the rain brings some marvelous things! The green in the countryside, the forests, the rivers, and the weather phenomenon I love, the rainbow. more “After the storm”

Street art

Dublin is a city of artists. It was the home of famous artists: writers such as Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift or Oscar Wilde. Musicians such as U2, Enya o The Corrs, and painters such as Francis Bacon.

But today I bring you unknown artists that make this city their canvas. more “Street art”

The life of the river.

We know that water is everywhere in Dublin. In this case Liffey River, is important not only because it divides Dublin in two halves, but also, because it is home to different creatures. I don’t know if you have seen the different birds that live together.

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