Eco Dublin

Dublin wants to be an eco friendly city. Recycling in companies and at home is a culture. However, Dublin hasn’t recycling bins, and, to be honest, is difficult find a bin on the street. But things are changing! more “Eco Dublin”

Great Famine (An Gorta Mór)

The Great Famine was a food crisis between 1845-1849. Due to the bad government administration (in that epoch UK), the methods of farm work, and a bugs in the potatoes cultive, millions of people died and other emigrated. This made that Ireland’s population went until the minimum. more “Great Famine (An Gorta Mór)”

Robots 2.0

Today I bring you the next post of robots. It’s great walking on the street and see how the street lights have manage to reproduce themselves, and now we have two more!

more “Robots 2.0”

Improv festival

Today I bring you the Improv Festival. If you want to have fun you have, you won’t miss it. This festival is an improvisation festival when you can see different plays where the actor or actors improvise, many times with the help of the audience.  There’s not an identical play, all are different and unique! more “Improv festival”