Career Zoo!

This weekend we have the Career Zoo in the Dublin Convention Center! Are you going to miss it?


If you want to go to this event you only need to follow some easy steps! The first one is going to the website of

The first one is going to the website of Career Zoo and register, it’s free! Inside the website, you can have the opportunity to upload you CV.

Once you arrive there, they will give you your electronic identification (badge) with your CV inside! If you see any job opportunity you like, you only need to tap your badge in the electronic device that you can find in the stands. It’s simple and fast!

There are also stands from some universities if you wish to continue your studies, and you will find workshops and conferences. If you like new technologies, they had ap app last year, if it is also available this year (I was unable to find the link) you may want to download it and prepare your whole day to make sure you don’t miss any event.

I had the opportunity to attend the last year’s and I have to say I really enjoyed the experience!

Once you are there, don’t be shy, if you see a job you like, don’t hesitate and apply! You never know if that will be your dream job!

Good luck and enjoy!





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