Molly Malone

Molly Malone is one of the most famous statue of Dublin. She was in Grafton street but now, due to the Luas work, it is on Suffolk street (outside the Dublin Tourist Office). more “Molly Malone”

Pubs in Christmas

When you think about Christmas decoration, the first things that come to you mind are the lights and the ornaments such as: Christmas trees, santa claus, balls with lots of colors…

more “Pubs in Christmas”

Street Art 2

I love finding new art when I am walking in the street. In one of my walking I arrived at the end of Henry Street. There I saw my “friends”, this time with a girl!

more “Street Art 2”

Street art

Dublin is a city of artists. It was the home of famous artists: writers such as Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift or Oscar Wilde. Musicians such as U2, Enya o The Corrs, and painters such as Francis Bacon.

But today I bring you unknown artists that make this city their canvas. more “Street art”