Trim is a town in County Meath, to the Northwest of Dublin. It is more or less 46 minutes by car. It is famous for his castle! Do you want to discover more? more “Trim!”


Howth is a little town at 25 minutes from Dublin. We can take the train and go for 6’50€ (return). We can buy the tickets at the stations or use our Leap card. It’s easy! We pass our ticket or our Leap card at the station and then in Howth (the last station of the trip). We can see the timetable at the web page of the DART.

more “Howth”


I love Dublin! It’s a city to discover and each moment you’ll see a picture to take! So, prepare your camera!

more “Night!”

Dublin Tour

After two months in Dublin I thought that I know more about this city, but I was wrong. One of my best friend came to Dublin to visit us and we did a tour. It was a free walking tour. We reserved the tour in Sandemans New Europe Dublin. At the end of the tour if you want you give a tip to the guide. We took the Spanish option for the tour but you have also in English. more “Dublin Tour”