How survive to an interview

Let’s go to the interviews and how we can survive.

Here there are three interviews. You have to wear office clothes, so don’t forget to buy if you don’t have.

The first one is to see how really you are. If you are motivated and good for the company.

The second one is to know more about you. If you are suitable for the job or not, and if you will be in the good job function or perhaps you are better in other one inside the company.

The third one is more technical and they will ask you about the field you want to work. I going to explain myself. If you apply for a systems analyst job, they will ask you about hypothetical cases and how you will resolve them. This kind of question are frequent in the interviews.

The best thing you can do is, prepare some questions at home and the answer. For example:

Why you want to work here? Why made you different from the rest of the candidates? What are your goals in your career? Etc.

Moreover, a sum up with your laboral experience and why do you take off the other job? But make sure that in the interview you don’t say as a robot or a parrot, you need to be confortable and be natural.

In addition, the body language is very important. If we move our legs all the time, this means that we are nervous. Be careful when you play with your hands or your legs. Don’t cross the arms or the legs, this means rejection. Shaking hands, strong and convincing, this means that you are self confident.

I give you a link with some practical tips to pass the interview or not die when you will try.

Irish Job

interview questions


I hope this will help you in your next interview.

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