How to create a good CV!

This new year’s resolution is to find a job! We talked about how to find a job in Dublin and how to survive to an interview, now we are going to talk about how to create a good CV!

There are some web sites that help you to create a CV. They are also job seekers webs, everything in one site!


Perhaps you remember this site Irishjobs, because of the post how to find a job in Dublin . Here you can find how to create a Cv depending on your necessities.


In this one, you have tips for your CV.

In both of them you can create an account and keep your CV to find a job!

I let you a CV template to help you to create your own CV. You have to write the dates of your previous jobs at the left of the line, there is no photo and you don’t need to write the references, only if it’s required.

At the footer don’t forget to write your name and surname(s), for example, CV of Charles Smith.




Good luck!


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