The Malahide’s Castle!

Malahide is a cost town near Dublin, 20 minutes in train. Today we are going to discover the castle and its secrets, do you want know more?

The first thing we have to do is plan our trip, to do that you can visit the web page Transport of Ireland. Well, then take the train and enjoy!

This castle  was home to the Talbot family for over 800 years. Perhaps you have heard Talbot name somewhere, it is because there is a street in Dublín with this name.

castle castle near

To enter in the castle you have to buy a ticket, the majority of the tickets including a tour. You have to buy the tickets in the visitor centre, it’s before the castle. The castle open from 9.30 to 17:30, the last tour is at 15:30. I personally advice take the tour because they explain you lot of things. Don´t worry there are audioguides for the language you need it! The ticket also include the gardens that they are behind the castle. All of these for the price of adult €12 ,child €6, student €8, senior €7.50 and family tickets from €30.

The tour tell us the history of the castle through the years. Form Middle Ages to 1970 with the last owners. They say there are ghosts around the castle! and sometimes there is a cold wind that goes over the rooms! They will be stories or they will be true?

old ages Ladies roommen room library

The gardens are very beautiful and you have a wonderful view of the castle!

castle gardens

There are lots of flores and it seems as an enchanted forest!


But also there are many flowers that come from around the world in greenhouses like this

green house

I hope you like it! and be careful with the ghosts!

For further information about the castle or the gardens please press here.


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